The Woman Warrior

December 2, 2010

With the two parts of “The Woman Warrior” it was very confusing to the statement “The swordswoman and I are not so dissimilar”. One of the reasons is that the first part “No Name Woman” was about the Chinese culture. The second one “White Tigers” is about how a girl becomes a warrior. She was taken away too trained with an old man and women to become a great warrior for justice and peace. This got me thinking of some Khufu movies. It was like to live by doing something right for themselves, by finding the power within your self in fighting something you believed in.

On page 53, “The Swordswoman and I are not so dissimilar. May my people understand the resemblance soon so that I can return to them. What we have in common are the words at our backs. The idioms for revenge are “report a crime” and “report to five families.” The reporting is the vengeance- not the beheading, not the gutting, but the words. And I have so many words…that do not fit on my skin.” Maxine was trying to say here is when she moved to America with her family and some of the villages come along as well, they were still in the Chinese culture. Maxine wanted to get out of the Chinese culture and move on to the American culture. She and the swordswoman are alike because they wanted to start a new way of life, a new culture for themselves. I guess she wanted to show that you have our own culture, it not so bad to learn a new one.

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