Chicago (chapters 7-14)

November 29, 2010

I think the book does not relate to campaign literature. First of all it was written when he was very young and was a tribute to his father. It is the memoir of a young man seeking his identity; his search takes us straight to the interaction of questions regarding identity, class and race.
Chicago chapters 7-14 describe his efforts to become community organizer of the blacks. To him becoming an organizer was a natural outgrowth of his family history that came from his father and grandfather. In Chicago, Obama meets Marty Kaufman who gives him advice about starting a program to organize the blacks. Even that has its problems. He meets Reverend Reynolds and feels that he has found a strong ally. He is disillusioned. Obama gets very little support from Reverend Smalls and when he tells Marty what happened, Marty is not all surprised.
At this point in time I feel that Mr. Obama had no political agenda in mind.

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