Favorite story in “Drown”

November 19, 2010

The one I like out of the four stories is “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, and Halfie.” This was more enjoyable because it was easy to read. This story shows his sense of humor. It was funny because it was like a manual that someone should follow in how to act on a date. He talks about different girls in terms of their races, Hispanic, Black, White and those of mixed race. He sometimes may vary the places where he can eat dinner depending on where the girl comes from, and the way he speaks Spanish depending on whether the girls speaks it or not. One thing that he always does, which I think all men of his age do, is hide embarrassing facts about his family, embarrassing pictures of himself and cleaning the house. The conversation should be about school, jokes and saying something interesting to her to make the girl like you more. After dinner show a sensitive side by admiring the beautiful New Jersey sunset, which, in reality is caused by pollution. Sex might occur. If it does, he recommends calling a friend to tell him that he gotten lucky or just sitting on the sofa and smiley. The boys should keep the goodbyes light and do not respond to any phone calls after the date is over. The fact that this story contains universal themes that are actions that any young man would perform seems to erase a cultural barrier in this story. This story was like a welcome break from the other stories whose themes were much more serious.

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