Junot Diaz’

November 14, 2010

Junot Diaz’ writing style is very visual and the reader is drawn in by these images. The vocabulary of his writing is raw; it is filled with curse words, usually given in his native Spanish. They are words not used for shock value but simply to show the way in which the people in his life communicated. The use of these words shows that his writing pulls no punches in presenting himself.
His words show anger, sadness and frustration. He is describing growing up under very dysfunctional circumstances; the father pretty much abandoned the family financially and emotionally. When the father is around he frequently beats him. The father has several other women in his life at different times and has illegitimate child/children. Diaz’ also gives vivid descriptions of how his friends mistreat each other and strangers.
He writes about his own experiences but sometimes his writing is not totally autobiographical. There are times when he speaks about growing up in a way that would apply to any child. For example, he is afraid that he going to get arrested at one point; in addition his first love breaks his heart. However, in addition to these “normal” problems, he has to deal with experiencing great poverty. He begins to sell drugs because that is the way to survive in his neighborhood. He seems to have little hope of changing his way of life and almost seems to accept this fact.

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  1.   beverly gross Says:

    2nd evaluation: star

    I like the way your entries are developing. Much richer than the first segment.

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