A Look inside Jason

November 3, 2010

One of the things that is important to Jason is keeping the family honor. Ever since Jason was little he was always distant from the family because he was ashamed of how the family acted. He wants to get Miss Quentin under control. She has been lying to her grandmother about going to school and receiving reports cards. He also objects to her using makeup. Jason refers to the fact that he has a “position in this town”, and his wants to maintain it. Perhaps he is afraid that she will follow the same path that Caddy did. Jason also speaks about Benjy; he is embarrassed about Benjy and he tells Luster that he doesn’t want people to see Benjy. Jason has been thinking of sending Benjy to Jackson where there is a facility for the mentally retarded.
Jason’s has become a bitter, sadistic man who steals from his family. The fact that he acts in no way like his ancestors does not seem to bother him because he lives in the present rather than in the past. He doesn’t act like his ancestors did and he blames his failures on past events. For example, when Caddy was getting married to Herbert Head, she was going to get Jason a job in the bank but after the divorce Jason didn’t get the job, so he blames Caddy. He always seems to make himself the victim of his family’s dysfunctions. His scorn and mistreatment of women also comes out in this section.

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